What are all the proposed water plans and processes for managing our Delta water and ecosystem resources?

Currently, there are three major planning processes focused exclusively on the Delta, two broader statewide plans, and multitudes of smaller plans and programs that affect the Delta in some way.  Some plans are in the implementation stage while others are still in the planning stages.

What are all these different plans and processes? This link will help sort them all out for you.  On this page, the various plans and programs are organized and summarized and links are provided for more information. Delta-focused planning processes are covered first, followed by the statewide plans, and lastly, brief summaries of the various smaller plans and programs which affect the Delta in some way.

This linked page from Maven's Notebook website is meant to be a reasonably complete listing of plans and programs underway; however, with so many agencies at work with a hand in the Delta, not every plan or program may be listed here.