Mapping and Water Monitoring Program underway on Sinbad Creek

The Alameda Creek Alliance recently conducted a community forum to discuss monitoring and mapping on Sinbad Creek - a historical and potential future spawning area for Steelhead. The water sampling program has begun and will run through the late Spring and possibly continue into the summer. JMEB TU is assisting. Volunteers are welcome. Contact Ralph Boniella with ACA if you'd like to participate.

Program information can be found at the following ACA webpage link:

Goals: To collect baseline information about Sinbad Creek, and to inform and involve community members in creek stewardship. This includes mapping Sinbad creek, and gathering basic water quality data about the creek.

Description of the Project: Steelhead trout historically inhabited Alameda Creek and its tributaries, including Sinbad Creek. Sinbad Creek is known to have habitat suitable for steelhead spawning, based on gravel, flow, and migration barriers. Sinbad Creek is likely to only intermittently support steelhead migration during the November to April in-migration period. Low flows during the dry season causes the creek to dry up, limiting the suitability of Sinbad Creek as year-round rearing habitat for juveniles