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Wildcat San Pablo Watershed Council Meeting

San Pablo City Offices, Maple Hall Art Gallery

The Wildcat–San Pablo Creeks Watershed Council is a forum for consensus planning among various agencies, citizen’s groups, and individuals and is a resource for those who seek solutions to technical, management, monitoring, and funding issues for the Wildcat Creek and San Pablo Creek watersheds. This group evolved out of the Wildcat/San Pablo Creeks Design Team, which was originally formed to oversee the design and construction of the USACE projects on Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks in 1985. Discussion at these meetings includes review of watershed issues, project updates, goal setting, developing plans to meet those goals, and securing funding for those plans. On March 20, 2001, the County Board of Supervisors recognized this Council as the coordinating body for issues in the Wildcat Creek and San Pablo Creek watersheds