Now You Can Order Clothing Items with the John Muir Logo

For those of you who may wish to have clothing (hats, shirts, etc.) with the John Muir Logo, you may now do that through Cabelas. Just follow these steps:

Ordering Cabelas clothes with John Muir Logo

JMTU Customer ID: 20619691
JMTU Logo ID: 30038053
JMTU Logo Name: John Muir East Bay Trout Unlimited

Step 1) Select Item(s) by accessing corporate catalog (use browser and search for) 

  Cabelas Corporate Outfitters 2017 K7 Catalog

    Page 3 - Menu of Items 

Step 2) To Order call:

    Corporate Outfitter phone: 877-892-4424

Step 3) Give them JMTU Customer Number and Logo Id (above), credit card information, and         your mailing address 

Step 4) You will receive an email receipt of your order with order number, and tracking             directions